Henley High School Redevelopment (1)

Henley High School

A $12M redevelopment as part of the State Government Capital Works Program

Works included the addition of seven new learning facilities and a number of new screening structures that act as an architectural gateway to the school. The sculptural aluminium finned screens are both a branding element as well as a wayfinding tool — establishing a notable entry and prominent street presence for the school, weaving throughout to tie the site together.

Taking cues from the school’s strong focus on movement across the sport, dance and drama facilities, the design celebrates the dynamic nature of the school.

The project continues S9’s long-standing relationship with delivering state of the art learning facilities for Henley High School. Commencing with a masterplan, classroom upgrades and a STEM facility have been delivered over the last decade, catering for the school's continued growth in capacity.

Henley High School Redevelopment (2)