Announcing NINELINE | S9 x Revolution Roofing

As featured in ArchitectureAU, Studio Nine Architects has collaborated with Revolution Roofing to design a series of new architectural steel wall cladding profiles — in shapes, forms and depths never seen before on the market.

Aptly named NINELINE, the series has undergone extensive testing and prototyping to understand how the profiles interact and relate with other materials.

Challenging the norm, the profiles are much deeper than those currently on the market. Existing steel profiles are around 50mm in depth — the series delivers up to three times that, providing deep-set articulation and visual impact, especially when applied at scale.

NINELINE embrace the simplest geometric shapes; triangles, boxes and circles have been interpreted into a series of 7 new distinctive wall cladding profiles:

  • Pleat 100
  • Batten 100
  • Box 100
  • Flute 100
  • Flute 150
  • Sawtooth 100
  • Studio 100

Watch the launch video below —